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Water & Industry 2011. IWA Specialist Conference. Chemical Industries

Date: 01/05/2011 - 04/05/2011

On behalf of the Scientific Program and Committees, we are delighted to invite you to the Water & Industry 2011 international conference. This event is the latest in the IWA Chemical Industries Specialist Group conference series. It will address issues related to wastewater, gas and solid waste management in industry with a special focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.
Water & Industry 2011 will be held in Valladolid, Spain. Valladolid University is one of Spain’s and Europe’s oldest Universities (13th century). Conference attendees will enjoy accessibility to world-class conference facilities and beautiful historical sightseeing tours in a land of castles and vineyards. Valladolid is also only 1 h drive from a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
This conference will focus on the latest developments in energy-efficient and sustainable treatment (wastewater, off-gas, sludge) in the industry of the XXI century, bringing together professionals from academia, industry and public administrations. The event aims to provide a forum for environmental and chemical engineers, microbiologists, chemists and policy makers to present their most recent technological and scientific breakthroughs in the fields of management, characterization, minimization and abatement of industrial wastes. We therefore invite you to participate and enjoy this exciting event in the heart of Spain.

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