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Summer School about 'Model -based design, operation and control of WWTP'

Date: 14/07/2008 - 18/07/2008

A Summer School about “Model-based design, operation and control of WWTP” will be held in San Sebastian during July 2008.
Organised by CEIT research centre, it is aimed at learning and practising the main model-based methodologies for the selection of design and operating parameters in a modern WWTP with carbon and nitrogen removal. For this purpose, the 20 hours of Theoretical Sessions will be focused on presenting the fundamentals of the main processes in the water and sludge lines (activated sludge with nitrification and denitrification, settling and clarification, anaerobic digestion) and the mathematical models commonly used for their dynamic description. The 20 hours of Practical Sessions will be focused on applying the theoretical contents to the design and long-term simulation of an integrated WWTP including water and sludge lines. Based on an appropriate library of unit-process models and computer simulations, the participants in the Summer School will select the dimensions and operating strategy for the main elements of the whole plant and will assess the performance of the different operation and control strategies in a long-term scenario.

The Summer School is suited for Ph-D students interested in modelling tools for Environmental Engineering and professionals from Water Engineering Companies or Water Authorities.

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