Univ. of Santiago de Compostela (USC)


The group includes 10 staff lecturers and more than 25 members including researchers, technicians and administratives. It main expertise is in the field of urban and industrial wastewater treatment, and also on environmental tools as LCA and ERA.

The lecturers are involved in different degree courses (Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Environmental Engineering) and also in doctoral studies of Environmental Engineering. This group maintains regular contacts with many groups in companies and universities all over the world, especially in Europe and Latin America.
The group is allocated in the School of Engineering where it has assigned laboratories (250 m2), one administrative office and basement for the installation of pilot plants. In addition, it has at his disposal four laboratories (150 m2) in a neighbouring building.

Among the equipment available in the group there are fermentation set-ups (fermenters, shaking baths, autoclave, laminar flow chamber etc.), wastewater treatment systems (anaerobic and aerobic pilot and lab-scale plants for sludge and wastewater treatment, equipments for determining biodegradability, methanogenic activity and toxicity tests, pilot plant for biological treatment of gases etc.), chromatographs (GC-MS, GC with TCD and FID, HPLC with diode array and RI detector etc.) and common instruments for the analysis of wastewater parameters (COD, nitrogen, phosphorus etc.).

Moreover, financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science has been provided last year for the acquisition of pilot scale plants for the technologies up to now available at lab-scale.  .

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