Wageningen Univ & Research (WUR)


At Wageningen University the technology and microbiology of environmental technological processes are being studied for more than 25 years. In the seventies Prof. Gatze Lettinga performed pioneering work on the anaerobic treatment of wastewater, with the development of the Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (UASB) reactors.

The WUR research groups integrated in this proposal have a recognized expertise on anaerobic wastewater treatment, on combined aerobic-anaerobic processes to eliminate and recover nutrients like N, S and P, and on anaerobic biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds like chlorinated and aromatic compounds, pesticides and dyes.
The strength of our research has always been the integrated technological and microbiological approach and the excellent collaboration with companies active in the field of sustainable technologies. Our research groups have participated in numerous EU projects and were active in the organization of international workshops, summer courses and conferences.

We have teaching activities at different levels of different careers, including Environmental Sciences, Molecular Sciences, Bioprocess Technology and Biology. In addition, we attract many international students to participate in our research.  .

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