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The Centre for Environmental and Product Chemical Engineering (CEQAP) is formed by a consolidated research group from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Barcelona and it is integrated in the Innovation Network (Xarxa IT) from Business Innovation and Development Centre (CIDEM), (Centre d’Innovació i Desenvolupament Empresarial, Generalitat de Catalunya) from February 2003. It is constituted by professors and researchers of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Barcelona with a staff of 15 members and many assistant researchers. The annual scientific production is around 25 papers (peer review) and 30 communications to congresses.

The CEQAP group is carrying out both pure and applied research, being during last years towards the latter, developing new processes to adapt to raising needs. Financing of performed projects comes both from public funds and from enterprises and/or administrations. The CEQAP group takes part actively in R+D projects in collaboration with other universities, research centres and enterprises.

The CEQAP activity in the area of Environmental Chemical Engineering in focussed on: Biological Treatment of wastewaters including the removal of nutrients in wastewaters by advanced methods, Oxidative treatments where the biological treatment is not feasible (ozonation, Fenton, Fe/H2O2, UV/H2O2, semiconductors as TiO2 with solar radiation); Membrane technologies (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis); Anaerobic digestion of solid, agricultural and liquid wastes; Mathematical modelling of aerobic and anaerobic processes.  .

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