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The group has a broad experience both in research and in teaching. This group comprises a number of 17 staff lecturers (Professors and Associated Professors), as well as more than 20 members including researchers, technicians and administratives. It is an inter-disciplinary Group including several knowledge areas such as Environmental Technologies, Chemical Engineering, Thermal Machines and Motors, Electrical Engineering coming from different degrees like Chemistries, Sea Sciences, Biological and Nautical Sciences, etc. This different formation confers to the Group a great operational capacity and performance at the time of the accomplishment of its environmental investigations.

The Research of the Group is focused in different fields of the Environmental Engineering, mainly based in: a) Environmental Quality, that includes/understands the study of the processes of contamination of waters and grounds and b) Environmental Technologies that include the understanding of the use, development and conception of applicable technologies for the reduction of the contamination as the use of clean technologies. A good number of developed projects has been related with optimization of technologies for the minimization and treatment of sewage sludge, including anaerobic sludge digestion at sequential phase of temperature (mesophilic-thermophilic and thermophilic-mesophlic).

The group has a complete infrastructure of analysis laboratories and pilot plants which has allowed acquiring a broad experience in the design and operation of biological plants for the treatment of urban and industrial effluents. The group has lab and pilot plants of several technologies (anaerobic filter, fluidized bed, supercritical, composting reactors, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, etc.).  .

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