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The LEQUIA research group has been working in close collaboration with groups of Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the last 15 years to develop and implement Intelligent Environmental Decision Support Systems (IEDSS) and support decision making in real environmental problems. Specifically, LEQUIA has a wide expertise in combining AI techniques with conventional control systems to support the supervision of medium and large Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs), the management of fluvial stream reaches, and the planning, design, operation and maintenance of small wastewater management systems.

Although it started with the conceptual design of these systems and their application in pilot plants (small-scale), this research group has always had in mind the importance of transferring the research results and, therefore, the application of these tools for full-scale facilities or real scenarios has constantly been an essential issue. In this sense, LEQUIA research group has been involved in the development and implementation of several IEDSS to assess the planning (project funded by the Catalan Water Agency – L01/01 PSARU), the design (European Project – LIFE02 ENV/F/000303), and the control (project funded by the Spanish Government – INVALL), operation and maintenance (project funded by the Catalan Water Agency - L02/03 PSARU Manteniment) of small and decentralized WWTPs.

It is also important to emphasize that in the year 2003 the LEQUIA research group created the second spin-off of the University of Girona (SISLTech S.L.) to commercialize knowledge-based decision support tools for wastewater treatment processes and other environmental processes.  .

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