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The research group of Environmental Technology from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology is integrated by professors, technical staff and researchers. Since 1981 it has maintained a research line focused on the development of anaerobic processes applied to wastewater treatment. Apart from numerous international publications in this field, the group has been working on process engineering, including UASB technology in different industrial plants. Integrated anaerobic/aerobic processes emerged from this original research line, including continuous fluidized bed reactors, as well as sequential systems with short aeration cycles. Recently a new research line comprising the treatment of gaseous streams has been implemented.

Since the group aims at performing applied research, it intends to develop technology, circumstance that forces collaboration with companies of the sector. In fact, more than sixty collaboration agreements have been established with national and European companies. That way, at present the group takes actively part in CENIT projects with URBASER (OTERSU) and “Aguas de Barcelona” (SOSTAQUA), both in the field of development of new technologies and anaerobic processes applicable to the organic fraction of solid urban wastes and sewage sludge. It also collaborates with CADAGUA in sludge reduction options upon achieving funding from Profit and the Ministry of Environment (MMA) and with SOREA in pre-treatment of sludge and energy integration which is financed by MMA. Finally the development of new anaerobic membrane reactors is carried out with the collaboration of BEFESA.  .

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