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During the last 10 years the Water Economy research group has been working in environmental topics and especially in the field of the wastewater management. The experience of the research group is directly related with the methodology and the aims of this project, being focused in the cost analysis, efficiency and feasibility studies in the context of the wastewater treatment processes and water reuse. An important issue in the group activity is to provide knowledge to support rational strategies for municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse as a major component of sustainable water management practices.

The group has also a wide experience developing methodologies to optimize the water resources available in order to satisfy in an efficient way the different kinds of demand in a geographical area. In these cases, the main objective is to correct the possible water imbalances through and efficient management of both demand and water supply.

Recently, the research group have participated in an ambitious project (AQUAREC EVK1-CT-2002-00130) financed by European Commission with the aim to assess the potential of water reclamation and reuse in Europe. In the context of this research, the group organized in September of 2005 an International Workshop in Water Reuse with the attendance of a large number of specialists from Australia, Israel and European Union, and authorities including the Minister of Environment of Spanish Government. Nowadays, the members of the group are working in a methodology of cost modelling adapted to wastewater treatment processes in the Jucar Basin Area (financed by the River Basin Authority) and, on the other hand, finding the most cost-effective combinations to improve water availability for farmers.  .

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